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This simple cartoony character was made for the Search for a Star contest by Grads in Games. I wanted to make a cute little character and most of my inspiration came from the newer Pokémon Games (Sun and Moon as well as Sword and Shield), Animal Crossing New Leaf, Eden Eternal as well as anime such as Little Witch Academia and Dragon Pilot.

I wanted the character to have the physique of an anime character with a slim and slight figure, long legs and a bigger head. I drew inspiration mainly from Animal Crossing New Leaf when making the face as I wanted the face to be cute as well as stick out from the rest of the model.

Majority of the process consisted of extruding faces as I wanted to keep the mesh one shape to not have to go through the trouble and problems which could be caused by connecting different meshes together. Sadly arms had to be done that way as I had too many difficulties extruding them from the torso and so in the end I made them as their own mesh. As I knew I wanted flat simple colours for the textures I just added them as a lambert which helped as during my 3d classes I have not learnt how to do proper UV mapping nor texturing, and in the end I haven't had the time to learn it.

When making the final renders I added the simple platform environment for my character as I like how the lighting in Unreal made it look like a toy figurine and I really liked the finish. The only thing I really wanted to edit when it came to the light in Unreal was the background as I wanted a flat grey/white background to fit the style of my model.

In the end I am very happy with the finished product and I think when I have more time for personal projects I will revisit it and try to do proper texturing as well as rigging and weight painting so that I can animate it.


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Hey there, it's a pretty cool character, is this with license CCO to use in some projects??